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Thinking Square

Because my riding group is going to ride to the coast this Sunday and the route includes pleasure craft harbors in both Ventura and Oxnard, California, I’ve been thinking square for several days.… Continue reading

Analog Journey

Strictly speaking, this article is only concerned with an extremely thin slice of time during my analog journey. Some years ago, after shooting digital for a decade, I began to feel that I… Continue reading

Fujica Compact Deluxe

I eyeballed this Fujica Compact Deluxe for several weeks before buying it from Dan Kagle at The Darkroom @ Division 9. Introduced in 1967, the Compact Deluxe has a Fujinon f/1.8 lens, shutter… Continue reading

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

It is a trick question. My wife Lisa suggested that I write this post this morning after seeing the print. This is the first print I’ve made in my darkroom. I made it… Continue reading

Back In The Saddle, Again…

The way I’ve been working with film is a hybrid process. I shoot film, develop it, then scan it for the digital images I use on the Web. For 35mm, I primarily shoot… Continue reading


I didn’t have a roll of Ilford Delta 400 in the refrigerator, which is the film I prefer when I’m shooting in dim light. But I knew¬†that I’d be going to my granddaughter’s… Continue reading

Opening Reception: The Darkroom

On Friday night (March 15), The Darkroom @ Division 9, in Riverside, California, held an Opening Reception. I loaded the Nikon with my last roll of Kentmere 400 because I knew I would… Continue reading

The Darkroom @ Division 9

This post is for local film shooters. There is a new source for film cameras and accessories, 35mm and 120 film, film processing, print processing materials, darkroom rentals, and film workshops in the… Continue reading