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Mist and Mono

This photograph was made from the roadside on Route 395 during a motorcycle trip to the State of Washington and back. Route 395 runs north from Southern California, through a slice of Nevada,… Continue reading


The Chevrolet shown here was at the Law’s Show and Shine on Saturday, March 2, 2013. Law’s is a Bar/Restaurant in Riverside, California. I used my second Nikon N90s, a Nikon f/1.8 50mm… Continue reading

More Coffee

Back in September of last year I had to travel to the Finger Lakes Region of New York State to take care of my mother’s estate. I was there for six days (photos… Continue reading

America In Riverside

America’s Dewey and Gerry playing Ventura Highway. This photograph was made on November 9, 2012 with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01. America was playing the Fox Theatre in Riverside, California. The band was playing… Continue reading



Wings Down

This one is a response to Al Morrow’s comment on pelicans. See A Day At The Beach to read the comment. The photo was taken at the Salton Sea in Southern California. Made… Continue reading

Loma Linda Car Show Part 3

This is the third installment of photos from the 22nd Annual Veteran’s Memorial Car Show held in Loma Linda, California on October 7, 2012. I broke the group of photographs into three parts… Continue reading

Northern Exposure

This time of year in Southern California the landscape is generally blanketed by cloud in the mornings, a marine layer from the Pacific Ocean that burns off around 11:00 am. Because of the… Continue reading

A Slow Waking

The cloud cover in the eastern sky looked promising this morning, so I returned to the house, stuffed the camera into the small backpack, finished the day’s first cup of tea, and slipped… Continue reading

September Rising

This photo was captured on September 27, 2011 at Hidden Valley Wildlife Preserve in Southern California. When I walked out to fill the saddlebags and start the bike this morning, I looked at… Continue reading

A Quick Scout

Winter. Here in Southern California that means that if it isn’t storming, it is probably a good day to jump on the motorcycle and ride. Today, February 28, was one of those good… Continue reading

Three Risings

Here in Southern California we are typically under a cloud for a month or more at the end of Spring and beginning of Summer. The cloud is called a Marine Layer. The mist laying over… Continue reading

Palm Trees

When I moved to Southern California I had never seen palm trees, which were not native to the cold northeastern U.S. where I spent the first twenty years of my life. I arrived… Continue reading


It’s a small visual pleasure. Every year around the end of Spring the Jacaranda is in bloom in Southern California. In my home city of Riverside, there are many trees – many more… Continue reading