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Rubidoux Return

Though for many years I used to hike Mount Rubidoux in the mornings five or six times a week, there were quite a number of months that I didn’t do that. There were… Continue reading

A Mt. Rubidoux Gallery

All of the photographs in this gallery were made while hiking on Riverside, California’s Mt. Rubidoux. They were made with various digital cameras. As always, click on a photograph to view the larger… Continue reading

Random Gallery

The photographs in this post are from a directory on my hard drive titled “Random Gallery”. I haven’t added photos to that directory for some time, so they are older photos. With only… Continue reading

River City Lights

These photographs were made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 from Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, California. For a few years I was in the habit of walking the mountain nearly every morning. I haven’t… Continue reading

River Runs Through It

View of the Santa Ana river bottom from Mount Rubidoux, Riverside, California. Nikon D200.

The Raincross Solution

This is an opinion piece. All of my writings on this blog are opinion pieces. In this article I am arguing for an even-handed, moderate solution to the Mount Rubidoux Cross dispute, a… Continue reading

Mountains and Mist

These photographs have appeared on this blog in early posts. I was reviewing them recently and noticed that all of them have various visual qualities due to misty air. Click on a photo… Continue reading

Box Springs

This photograph is a view toward Box Springs Mountain from Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, California. I captured it in September 2009 with a Nikon D200, a camera that I rarely use¬†nowadays. That camera… Continue reading

Northern Exposure

This time of year in Southern California the landscape is generally blanketed by cloud in the mornings, a marine layer from the Pacific Ocean that burns off around 11:00 am. Because of the… Continue reading

Stray Photographs

¬†The photographs shown here are “strays” that never were used on the blog. They were all made within the last six months. Update: I noticed after publishing this that the daffodil shown below… Continue reading

Box Springs Mountain

I took this one on January 23, 2012, at 6:30 am. The view is east from Mount Rubidoux over the north end of the City of Riverside toward Box Springs Mountain. Box Springs… Continue reading

Brewing Tea the Convoluted Way

Don’t let the title of this mislead you. Don’t think, even for a second, that I’m some kind of tea connoisseur. In fact, though I get paid to be a writer in my… Continue reading

Rubidoux Verticals

I haven’t hiked Mount Rubidoux for over a year. Since it was “improved” by the city parks department with a repaved single lane road, new entrance gates, and more “people friendly” installments such… Continue reading

A Walk In The Park

Fairmount Park is located in the Santa Ana Lowlands, part of the riverbed area of the Santa Ana River. It contains two natural lakes, Evans and Fairmount, and currently encompasses 200 acres. The… Continue reading

Rubidoux Views

These photos are views of Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, California. At a peak elevation slightly over 1,300 feet, Rubidoux is really an isolated hill, so the “mount” name is a misnomer, but on… Continue reading