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This photograph was made on March 15, 2013 using Kentmere 400, a film that I have verbally abused in previous posts. I needed the fast film to shoot in The Darkroom @ Division… Continue reading

Opening Reception: The Darkroom

On Friday night (March 15), The Darkroom @ Division 9, in Riverside, California, held an Opening Reception. I loaded the Nikon with my last roll of Kentmere 400 because I knew I would… Continue reading

Low Sun

When Tim Devantier and I rode up to Calico Ghost Town earlier this month (see Two Dollars Out Of  Seven), my main photographic interest was in shooting Ilford Delta 400 with the new-to-me… Continue reading

Two Dollars out of Seven

After weeks of rain, high winds, and unseasonable cold, when the mercury in my outside thermometer pushed up to 55 f from 35 f, things began to look promising for a good, long… Continue reading

First Look: Ilford Delta 400

It is not much of a test, I know, but I ran a single roll of Ilford Delta 400 through the Nikon FG on February 5th, and I’m already quite happy with the… Continue reading

Nope. I Still Don’t Like It. Any Suggestions?

Kentmere’s ASA/ISO 400 black and white film, that is. In June of this year I bought a few rolls each of Kentmere 100 and 400 for trial purposes. I liked the results I got… Continue reading

The 400 Again

After yesterday’s experience with the Kentmere 400, I continued to wonder if I had screwed something up. Maybe I did something during the development process. Maybe the heavy grain was the result of… Continue reading

First Look: Kentmere 400

Yesterday, the Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder camera returned to me after a three week  trip to a repair shop in New Jersey. Because I was anxious to shoot the camera, it seemed… Continue reading