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Viewpoint: Anza Narrows, looking east toward Box Springs Mountain and Mt. San Jacinto. Advertisements


Though it appears to be one continuous ridgeline, this photograph is actually of two; Box Springs Mountain on the left and Mt. San Jacinto in the center. Box Springs Mountain was 4.5 miles… Continue reading

Box Springs

This photograph is a view toward Box Springs Mountain from Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, California. I captured it in September 2009 with a Nikon D200, a camera that I rarely use┬ánowadays. That camera… Continue reading

Box Springs Mountain

I took this one on January 23, 2012, at 6:30 am. The view is east from Mount Rubidoux over the north end of the City of Riverside toward Box Springs Mountain. Box Springs… Continue reading

A Random Photograph

While poking around in the archives this morning, an activity I engage in when I’m bored or lazy, I ran into this photo and remembered why I captured it. My motivations were more… Continue reading

Anza Views

November 6, 2010. Like every morning, I walked outside to look at the dark sky and decide where to go hiking. The direction I would take depended on the cloud formations. If it… Continue reading