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Southwestern Views

My grandson and I were in the car driving across the city toward Fairmount Park, where we were going to shoot film with our SLRs. It would be the first roll of film… Continue reading

A Three Day Scout

For me, there are few things better than getting on the motorcycle and hitting the road for a multi-day solo motorcycle ride. Two Days. Twenty days. Any length in between. The length doesn’t matter much.… Continue reading

A Full Circle

This one has little connection to motorcycling or photography, so if you are expecting much on either of those subjects, you may be disappointed. If so, stop reading right now. On the weekend… Continue reading

Burma Shave

Owned by Clinton Odell, the Burma-Vita Company introduced a liniment named Burma Shave in 1925. The product was purportedly named because it was made with “products from the Maylay Peninsula and Burma”.  … Continue reading

Lewis and Clark, I Presume…

After an 80-mile run through the Virgin River Canyon in Arizona and Mesquite, Nevada, we pulled off I-15 at the junction of Route 93 in the Mojave Desert and were standing between the… Continue reading

Kaibab Plateau

This photo is from the Kaibab Plateau, the area just north of the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. Aspens remind me of the Birches of the Northeastern US.

Antelope Hills

The aforementioned Antelope Hills, that is. The photo above was taken on a Lumix FX01, not the older Kodak camera. Every time I’ve traveled from Flagstaff, Arizona on Route 89 through this area, I’ve… Continue reading


My first direct experience of motorcycling was riding on the gas tanks of my father’s war surplus Harley Davidson 45. I sat on the tanks behind the speedometer and held onto the middle… Continue reading