Ocean Side

When Lisa and I were in Santa Cruz three weeks ago to visit our newest (youngest) granddaughter, daughter Megan, and son-in-law Fabian, we decided to take a short stroll down to the beach.… Continue reading

Low Sun

When Tim Devantier and I rode up to Calico Ghost Town earlier this month (see Two Dollars Out Of  Seven), my main photographic interest was in shooting Ilford Delta 400 with the new-to-me… Continue reading

Pause That Refreshes

This is a frame I made of Kim and Danny Underwood on March 13th, 2010. It reminds me of a Coca-Cola poster. Kim and Danny, who dated in High School, had just reunited… Continue reading

Lawn Ornament

When Lisa and I stayed for a night in San Luis Obispo while on a Central Coast road trip, I woke early (as usual) and let her sleep while I took a walk… Continue reading


This photograph was made in the diner at Roy’s in Amboy, California, using a Nikon D200. 

1940 Crocker Big Tank

1940 Crocker Big Tank. Photographed through a window with a Nikon D200. This 1940 Crocker Big Tank is in the Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Solvang, California. The museum houses the private collection of… Continue reading

Mystery Mining Machine

Like the replicar in the An Unknown Automobile post, I made this photo without knowing what the subject was. When I first looked at it I thought, “engine”. But after a few seconds… Continue reading

Glass and Wood

This is a crop of a photo in the Two Dollars Out Of Seven post. As often happens, there is no good reason for it to appear here, I just liked it. Nikon… Continue reading

Review: Nikon N90s (F90x)

Several years ago I had been shooting digital for a few years, but missed the aesthetics of shooting film. Since my last SLR, a Canon kit, had been stolen, thank you very much,… Continue reading

A Call for Film Photographers

Tim Layton, the author of Black and White Photography, published an appeal to analog photographers on January 11. The screen capture above shows the top of his page. He is beginning a project… Continue reading

Auburn 851 Boattail Speedster

The two photos shown here are courtesy of Mike Harmon. They were made with his Nikon D300. After it was determined by a group of Crossings readers that the automobile that I featured… Continue reading

Daytona Photo

Digital photograph by Dan Underwood. After I mentioned to Dan Underwood that I would be running the photo of his and his son’s bikes today in the Parking Space post, he sent me… Continue reading

Parking Space

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FX01. Location: Santa Rosa Mountains, California. Motorcycles: Yamaha V-Star 1100, Yamaha Road Star. Owned by Dan Underwood Sr. and Dan Underwood Jr., respectively.

When Aeroplanes Dream

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FX01. Location: March Air Museum, Riverside, California.

More Coffee

Back in September of last year I had to travel to the Finger Lakes Region of New York State to take care of my mother’s estate. I was there for six days (photos… Continue reading

An Unknown Automobile

While Lisa and I were in Santa Cruz, California on Sunday, February 13, visiting our daughter, son-in-law, and new granddaughter, we all took a walk down to the beach, a half-block away. On… Continue reading

Colorado Desert

This photograph was made in the Colorado Desert, specifically in the Pinto Basin in the southeastern section of Joshua Tree National Monument. The Colorado Desert is a western extension of the larger Sonoran… Continue reading


This one was made with a Nikon FG and Kentmere 100. 

Sunrise Surprise

This one was made on the morning of January 9, 2013, at Anza Narrows. The “surprise” was the presence of another photographer. I’ve always had the place to myself early in the morning.… Continue reading

George’s Service Book

Some of this material appeared in an earlier post. I happened to stumble upon that post a few days ago and didn’t like the way that it looked. I could have easily reformatted… Continue reading

Indian Motorcycle, Continued

     I’m not responsible for the content of this post – it is simply a redirect to the new Indian information site. Polaris has put together a good bit of introductory information… Continue reading

2012 Highlights

The posts listed here, all from 2012, are not necessarily the most popular, but I see them as “highlights” of the year. This is all very subjective, of course. They are presented for… Continue reading

Top 10 of 2012

This is one of those “Year In Review” articles. In this case it is a review of the most popular posts of the year on Crossings. Click on a blue link to view… Continue reading

Two Dollars out of Seven

After weeks of rain, high winds, and unseasonable cold, when the mercury in my outside thermometer pushed up to 55 f from 35 f, things began to look promising for a good, long… Continue reading

First Look: Ilford Delta 400

It is not much of a test, I know, but I ran a single roll of Ilford Delta 400 through the Nikon FG on February 5th, and I’m already quite happy with the… Continue reading

Granddaughter Prelude

From left: the oldest granddaughter, daughter Megan, the youngest granddaughter (at that time), daughter-in-law Amber. For a couple weeks now, I’ve been calling my daughter Megan every couple days to see how her… Continue reading

Southwestern Winter

Here in the American Southwest we rarely get truly bad winter weather. But this year there has been both an inordinate amount of rainfall and it has been somewhat colder that we’re used… Continue reading

Rust and Blue

This one is a crop of the photo featured in the Twin Towers post of March 26th, 2011. The photograph was made with a Nikon D200 in Death Valley Junction, California, during a… Continue reading


This one is from February, 2012. Like many other photographs, it has been sitting in the archives since I made it and I occasionally stumble upon it, but I’ve had no reason to… Continue reading

Blue Doors

The photographs in this post were taken at the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in Death Valley Junction in the Spring of 2011. Mike Harmon and I rode up to the town on… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2013!

This photograph was made on the last day of 2012, in Anza Narrows Park in Riverside California. I rode up to the park in the morning with the Yashica Mat 124 and the… Continue reading

Proofreading: Avoiding The Appearance Of Being An Idiot

I often find blogs like The Texas Rambler, Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist, and Straight, No Chaser, among others, quite interesting. More interesting, in fact, than most of the major blog sites (“major”… Continue reading

Rising Moon

Panasonic Lumix G1. December 28, 2012.

First Look: Nikon FG

There’s a new arrival here at the Alexander house, a Nikon FG. I wanted a second 35mm machine so I could have one loaded with color film and the other with black and… Continue reading

Bulk Film Loading

A few weeks ago, I asked my eight year old granddaughter if she had a list of things she wanted for Christmas. I like to get lists, because working off a list provides… Continue reading

Field Photography

In contrast to Street photography, Field photography is not a recognized category, as far as I know. I’m not particularly comfortable with Street photography and do little of it. I occasionally dip my… Continue reading

Shadow and Light

Of late, output has been somewhat slow here at Crossings headquarters. But there’s a bit more to it than the simple distractions surrounding the yearly holidays.  Shadowing the season for me has been… Continue reading

Happy Baktun 14!


End of Baktun 13

I’m a bit distracted by the many holidays at this time of the year, which is (partially) why there haven’t been a lot of posts recently. When the mess of special days is… Continue reading

Point Vicente Lighthouse

The Point Vicente Lighthouse stands on the most southwesterly point of the Palos Verdes Peninsula on the Pacific coast of California. It is sited at the north end of the Catalina channel. In… Continue reading