Beach Images

I’ll bet when you think of Malibu you imagine something like this. It’s what I saw on a group ride with the River City Riders to Malibu and Venice Beach. But it’s not… Continue reading


Sometimes something repeatedly catches my eye, like this monolith, this large hunk of stone. It’s a granite outcropping that juts up from the southern shoulder of Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, California. The viewpoint… Continue reading

Stalking the Snowy Egret

Twice a year or so, the River City Riders find themselves along the shores of the Salton Sea. A favored rest stop is an abandoned resort on the northeast shore where numerous waterfowl… Continue reading


My first direct experience of motorcycling was riding on the gas tanks of my father’s war surplus Harley Davidson 45. I sat on the tanks behind the speedometer and held onto the middle… Continue reading

Why Blog?

This blog’s primary emphasis will fall on photography and motorcycling. Other subjects including slide guitar, writing, and hiking, will pop up on occasion. Why Blog? I’m a compulsive communicator. There are probably support… Continue reading