The May 2010 Post

Sorry. I guess this is it for this month. I’ve been preoccupied with various things gone sideways and Lisa and I are gearing up for a road trip to Yellowstone Nat. Park during… Continue reading

A Walk Downtown

The photos in this post are from downtown Riverside, taken around midday on April 18, 2010. I woke that morning with the idea that I should take a camera on a trip to… Continue reading

The Obligatory Fire Hydrant Photograph

Sometimes a fire hydrant is just a fire hydrant. This is one of those times. The fire hydrant depicted below is on my street. I watched this photo unfold itself yesterday, periodically noting how… Continue reading

An Odd One

The strange flower shown here is an onion blossom. I find it rather odd looking. Last year Lisa brought home a pot with onions growing in it. I watered it along with everything else,… Continue reading

Bridge Art

The photos in this post are of the graffiti art around the bases of the columns supporting the Anza Narrows railroad bridge in Riverside, California. All photos were shot with a 28mm manual focus… Continue reading

Anza Narrows Bridge

On a previous visit to Anza Narrows, I walked down to the railroad bridge and shot a few frames of film. I only had a film camera with me at the time, but… Continue reading

Anza Narrows

It suddenly occurred to me that the Martha McLean/Anza Narrows Park might have a good view to the north, so I went to the park. The guard at the entrance let me ride… Continue reading

Archiving Film and Digital

I was recently reading an article on the archival difference between film and digital photographs. The story slant was why it is better to shoot film rather than digital. The author made the… Continue reading

One-Hour Film Processing

I recently went analog, shooting 60 frames of Real RAW. Yep, you guessed it: Film. The motivation was to go full frame 35mm. To read a comparison of film and digital photography, see… Continue reading


Look Ma, No Macro Lens In the fall I planted over a hundred ranunculus bulbs. Lisa highly favors that particular flower, and it typically is in bloom in the days around her birthday… Continue reading

Chasing Light

Though my alarm was set for 3:30am, I woke a half-hour earlier on the 20th of March. The bike was gassed up, the cameras and tripods packed, so I was showered, warmed with decaf, encased… Continue reading


In the San Jacinto Mountains there is a stretch of Route 74 that passes through Garner Valley. On the motorcycle, it is my favorite road. There are times when I want to get out… Continue reading

A Quick Scout

Winter. Here in Southern California that means that if it isn’t storming, it is probably a good day to jump on the motorcycle and ride. Today, February 28, was one of those good… Continue reading


In daylight, Las Vegas is much like other southwestern desert cities with casinos. Except that it’s Vegas, of course, and therefore a mythical place in the human psyche, and on the map. It… Continue reading


Several evenings ago I noticed, yet again, the large volume of light which was spilling from streetlamps across the City of Riverside. The light pollution brightens the night skies, illuminating clouds, and on most… Continue reading

Joshua Tree Again

With Joshua Tree National Monument so close to the Inland Empire, it is easy to ride through the park two or three times a year. A good 260-mile excuse for a group to… Continue reading

January Grasshopper

I assume it is a grasshopper, anyway. This creature spent some time on the back of a wooden chair on the patio. This photo brought me up against the limit of my lens,… Continue reading

Model A

I happened to make the photos in this post due to my son Aaron, who drove past this scene a half-hour before. He phoned to report that there were a number of old… Continue reading

New Year’s Day Photographs

There was no reason for it. There wasn’t even a badly-thought-out policy. But the photographs from New Year’s Day languished unattended in a directory in my computer for a dozen days. I went on two… Continue reading

A Manifold Adventure

The central character in this post, shown below, is the intake manifold for a 1999 Road Star. In November Mike Harmon and I decided to ride down to the Salton Sea to photograph… Continue reading

A Third Tripod

Since the Trek-Tech T-Pod had apparently been shipped to an unknown destination, Becky Owens of Werner Publishing informed me via email that a replacement was shipped on January 6. The replacement tripod, a… Continue reading

Early 2010 Photos

These photos were made around sunrise on January 6 and 7 on Mt. Rubidoux, in Riverside, California.

Two Tripods, Continued

Day 136. The Werner Publishing SNAFU continues. Since “Becky Owens, Marketing Coordinator” was unresponsive to my inquiry about the tripod I had allegedly won 119 days previously, I wrote an email to the… Continue reading

A Tale of Two Tripods

In August I was giving some thought to buying a small, portable tripod for my Nikon DSLR. I wanted a tripod that was more portable than the traditional, large Quantaray tripod that spends… Continue reading

A Bandit

This fall we’ve had a handful of raccoon visitations in the back yard. We don’t keep dogs, and the fenceline runs along an old game trail, so periodic migrations of raccoons, skunks, and… Continue reading

One Morning’s Views: Mount Rubidoux

I often enjoy the wide range of different views that a sunrise hike around Mount Rubidoux affords. This morning was yet another example. All of the following photographs were captured on a single… Continue reading

Hermosa Beach

Playing hookey. The following photos are from a stolen day. Lisa walked out of her gym in the morning and suddenly did not want to drive to work. She thought that it was… Continue reading

Red Dragonfly

Now in the doldrums, the horse latitudes of summer, we’ve been becalmed for days. Nothing of interest going on in the sky. Unless you like smog. Or are in denial and call it… Continue reading

One Minute

When making sunset or sunrise photographs, a few seconds can make a great or small difference in the quality of the light. It doesn’t matter much how obvious or subtle the difference. What… Continue reading

Caribbean Snapshots

Though it has been several months since the photos in this post were made in the Caribbean in April of 2009, it is summer, and it seems appropriate somehow, to post these vacation… Continue reading

Bees In Trees

“Bees In Trees” is what my wife Lisa called my photographic endeavours in March of this year. As usual, numerous plants were in bloom and it seemed that wherever I looked the blossoms… Continue reading

Three Risings

Here in Southern California we are typically under a cloud for a month or more at the end of Spring and beginning of Summer. The cloud is called a Marine Layer. The mist laying over… Continue reading

Tehachapi Loop

Considered one of the railroad engineering wonders of the world, the Tehachapi Loop is a spiral of railroad track 0.73 miles long which passes over itself courtesy of a tunnel/bridge combination. The Loop… Continue reading

Palm Trees

When I moved to Southern California I had never seen palm trees, which were not native to the cold northeastern U.S. where I spent the first twenty years of my life. I arrived… Continue reading

Hot Air Balloons

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the balloon and wine festival held yearly in southern Riverside County. Over the decades I’d seen the balloons in the distance a handful of times while… Continue reading


It’s a small visual pleasure. Every year around the end of Spring the Jacaranda is in bloom in Southern California. In my home city of Riverside, there are many trees – many more… Continue reading

Caribbean Sunrise Sequence

These photographs were made on the morning of April 9, 2009 east of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I handheld the Nikon D200 on deck six of the Carnival Destiny. I made approximately… Continue reading


This gallery contains photographs made on or near the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. Click on a photograph to see it in a larger size. Photographs in this post… Continue reading

From The Saddle

This post describes a photographic technique that is dangerous. Attempting to duplicate this technique could result in injuries. It could also be fatal. The author does not recommend it, and does not accept… Continue reading

The Butterfly House

The photographs in this post were made at the Butterfly House in the Living Desert in April of 2009. The Living Desert is a zoo in Palm Desert, California. For zoo information, see… Continue reading