Twin Towers

The twin water towers shown in the photo below are in Death Valley Junction, California. I don’t remember seeing twin water towers anywhere else, but that may be the result of a memory… Continue reading

Slow Photography

A few days ago, I pulled out the first digital camera I owned, a Kodak DC3400. The camera was a birthday present from my wife Lisa, given in the Fall of 2000. I… Continue reading

The Ultimate Keyboard

The following statement is just my opinion, of course. UPS delivered the best computer keyboard ever made to my door yesterday: the “IBM” 101-key. As I mentioned in The Crown of (Keyboard) Creation, the… Continue reading

Waiting For The Light

For months, I’ve watched this view at Anza Narrows. A photo of it appeared in an earlier post. Over time I’ve captured it with minor variations of viewpoint – where I stood or… Continue reading

The Crown of (Keyboard) Creation

“The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!” Two or three people may be interested in this, though I’m not sure whom, except former IBM Selectric typewriter operators who still use… Continue reading

Waiting For It

These photos are from my first shoot of the year 2011, on January 2. The previous morning was not good for a lot of color in the sky. I typically check the cloud… Continue reading

The Very Last Shoot (Really)

Well, I lied. I thought that this morning’s shoot at Anza Narrows was the only one I’d get today, the last day of 2010. The mercury climbed up into the low fifties by… Continue reading

Art and Function

When we buy a new motorcycle, we spend a great deal of time simply admiring it. Particularly in the first few days of ownership, we spend hours gazing at it. It doesn’t matter… Continue reading

A Holiday View

This is a somewhat rare view of Mt. San Gorgonio made on 12-25-2010. It is rarely this clear in the Inland Empire area. Mountains always look more majestic to my eye when they are capped… Continue reading

Time Machine

The photo below was taken in 1954. It is my first memory of a photo being made of me, the first photo I distinctly remember standing still for. I was two years old… Continue reading

Hidden Valley

This is a reprise of the blog post titled A Missed Setting. The photo below was taken from Hidden Valley Wildlife Preserve. I made the photographs in the morning early in October 2010. When… Continue reading

Random Frames

Sorting through photos from the last year recently, I found a few frames that slipped between the cracks. These are all photos that I like for one reason or another. The first frame… Continue reading

Anza Views

November 6, 2010. Like every morning, I walked outside to look at the dark sky and decide where to go hiking. The direction I would take depended on the cloud formations. If it… Continue reading

Golden Hour

In photography, the first and last hour of sunlight during the day is known as the Golden Hour. At those times, when the sun is near the horizon, the light appears softer and… Continue reading

Review: Velocity Micro’s Cruz Reader

This isn’t much of a review of the Cruz Reader. But it is a review of the business and customer support practices of Velocity Micro, the company that makes the Cruz. The Cruz… Continue reading


It may just be my viewpoint (and it wouldn’t be the first time), but doesn’t it seem that current print media has an unfounded prejudice against freckles? Let me state that the photos… Continue reading

Bandits Again

These photos are from 10/15/2010. These raccoons are a family that began visiting our back yard and patio last year as a mother and pair of offspring. They’d turn up every couple weeks,… Continue reading

A Missed Setting

The sky is still generally crappy. By that I mean clear blue dome, no clouds. I’m always looking for some cloud definition, because landscape photos are often boring with clear skies. I rode… Continue reading


Like other landscape photographers, one of the things that gets me visually excited is layers. I captured this photo this morning while standing in Anza Narrows Park. There were no interesting cloud formations,… Continue reading

Parking Lot

This is a parking lot at UCR (University of California at Riverside), which is on the route I take most mornings to Sycamore Canyon. For several weeks I kept noticing the repeating pattern… Continue reading

DMD: The Decisive Moment Digital

Hundreds, if not thousands, of articles can be found on the Web about the “perfect” digital camera, articles like “ ’DMD’: The Digital Camera I’d Like to own” by Mike Johnston. The perfect digital camera… Continue reading


I don’t have much interest in watching American football. I played in High School, but it makes me a bit crazed when I to try to watch it on television or in a… Continue reading


This photos is of my grandson racing his KTM motorcycle. He likes to see photos of himself airborne. Because of the speed of the subject, the autofocus of my camera tends to get “confused”… Continue reading


After returning from my usual hike this morning (9/17/2010), I got the coffee machine running, then opened my email program. As I began to select the usual pile of messages for deletion, my… Continue reading

Return of the Sky

The title of this post is false, since the sky hasn’t been missing, so it can’t really return. But today appeared to be the end of the months-long foggy/hazy skies we endure every… Continue reading

One Million Monkeys

Warning: This blog post is a concert review. It is not the usual kind of post for my blog. My opinion about one of the performers is likely to anger some people. To those… Continue reading

Camera Obscura

The photograph below is of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Riverside. I captured the photo from the balcony of the California Museum of Photography (CMP). The balcony provides a short walkway to… Continue reading

A Red Rectangle

The red rectangle shown here is above the double-door entrance of the California Tower, a building in downtown Riverside.

Spanish Broom

A native of the Mediterranean and Atlantic islands, Spanish Broom is an invasive shrub in the Americas. It was imported in San Francisco as a decorative shrub in the mid-1900s. In the early… Continue reading

Santa Rosa Blooming

The photos in this post are from April, 2010. Though I prepared them for the blog, I didn’t post them (and don’t remember why). The forecast for wildflowers this year seemed very good,… Continue reading

A Head Shot

“He turned his head to stare at me and kept chewing that green stick…” This one is from the Living Desert in Palm Desert, California.

FX01, A Retrospective Look

It’s really too bad that there is no way to know how a camera or other electronic device will work out until you’ve long since bought it. But now and then one gets… Continue reading

Out West

Recently, Steve Vaughn commented about living “out west”. I know what he meant (it doesn’t hurt that I met Steve when I was 4 years old and entering the public school system). He… Continue reading

Constant Gardener

I’m not sure what happened. I bought several varieties of flower seeds last fall; California Poppies, Vinca, Phlox, and Cosmos. Thought I’d get a jump on the spring and planted a large seed bed. The poppies did… Continue reading

Mill Creek Canyon

The photos in this post were made in Mill Creek Canyon at the edge of the San Bernardino Mountains near Mountain Home Village in Southern California. Mill Creek is fed by numerous creeks… Continue reading


Photos from a classic automobile show in Riverside, CA. Nikon D200, Nikon AF VR 18-105mm f3.5-5.6.

The Green Desert

Making use of our yearlong National Parks Pass, I was through the southern gate at Joshua Tree around 6:40 this morning. I haven’t been to Joshua Tree since winter, and though there was… Continue reading

Grand Teton – Yellowstone Trip

It was a very loose plan. We’d pack up the Subaru Forester at the end of May and head toward the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in northwestern Wyoming. There were a… Continue reading

California Poppies

The photograph below is really of orange shapes with a semi-blurred background. The orange shapes are California Poppies, which grow wild across the state. On a whim, I planted the wildflower from Burpee… Continue reading

Grand Teton – Yellowstone on Film

I shot eight rolls of film on the Grand Teton-Yellowstone road trip. It was largely a matter of the way it feels to shoot analog. Good, that is. The N90s feels good in… Continue reading