Other Sites

This is the usual list of favored links to other sites. I didn’t want it to take up any space on the right sidebar, which is already crowded, and listing them on a page gives me a chance to write a bit about them.

The Texas Rambler  The Texas Rambler writes good motorcycling related articles and posts photographs from his two-wheeled travels in and around Texas. I can’t find an email subscription control on his blog (I may be selectively blind) or I’d subscribe. I just have his site bookmarked and check it every couple days.

Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist  David Cooper is an Australian motorcyclist. His “Tales from the Road and Range” are interesting, from the perspective of a Motorcycling Instructor, and often include reviews of motorcycles not sold in the USA. 

Shot On Film  The title of this blog pretty much sums it up. Rick Schuster has and maintains a number of working film cameras and frequently publishes photographs made with them. He also writes about the cameras themselves. This is also a good resource for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the world of film cameras.

re:retro  Edwina, a collector who lives in Australia, sells her overstock collectibles to make room for new purchases. I was first drawn to her site by some of the photographic items she had for sale. I now view her site frequently to look at household items from the 1950s and 1960s. Though her collectible items are often made from other materials, I find the wide variety of items made from Bakelite fascinating.

The Visual Science Lab Kirk Tuck is a professional photographer who lives in Austin, Texas. I like his approach to work, art, and etc., but particularly his portraits. His investigations into the Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera systems fed and ran parallel to my desire for a M4/3 camera, though I preferred the Lumix G series. Kirk’s Sometimes getting a photo stolen is flattering. A little. is one of the best blog posts I’ve read.

ByThom Thom Hogan’s Nikon Field Guide. As you might expect this site is largely about Nikon photographic gear, and it does a good job of covering Nikon products. Thom also has a number of books available, and keeps up a running commentary on photo industry news, rumors, and speculations.

Mostly Monochrome Mostly Monochrome is exactly that. Shot primarily with 35mm black and white film. I like to see sites like this, because it further reminds me that not everyone is doing the same work. Nothing homogenized here. Not that homogenization is bad…in milk.

Ken Rockwell Ken Rockwell’s site has a wealth of information on cameras, lenses, etc., in addition to numerous articles on photography. If you can’t find a review elsewhere, Rockwell often has one posted. Rockwell is a figure of some minor controversy in the photographic world. The “controversy” is largely based on personality conflicts, as much as his approach to photography. Use your own filters, as usual.

The Online Photographer  Camera Reviews, articles, interviews, events, etc.

The Luminous Landscape  Use the navigation panel on the left to read columns, essays, product reviews, etc. The What’s New link is a commercial page.

Chicquero Brazilian bloggers Denis and Lailah are Chicquero. They liked one of my posts and I looked them up. I liked their images, despite my apathy toward fashion. I found one post, What if your house was burning?… to be a particularly interesting photo project. It is a variation, perhaps an improvement on the old “Desert Island” exercise: What would you take to a desert island if you were to be marooned on one?

Jamey Stillings Jamey Stillings Photography. Check out the Hoover Dam Bridges photo project. Another interesting project is the Ironworkers Bausch and Lomb project.

Mom Loves Photo. Michelle Alzola captures flowers. I like her eye for light, color, and composition. What’s not to like?