UNIK Riding Jacket

I was thinking about my pending road trip when I walked outside this morning to go to the grocery store for granola bars and raisins. Backup road food, you know. I chose to take this pink and blue sky as a good omen. I’m going to head for “Indian Country” tomorrow, the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona and southern Utah. The primary target destination is Monument Valley, which spans both States.

I’ll be packing the Yashica Mat 124 and the Nikon N90s (F90x) and both color and black and white film. I’m thinking about taking a digital camera, possibly a point-and-shoot, but that argument hasn’t been resolved.

I’ll be on the motorcycle, of course, the Road Star. There are only a few things I like better than a multi-day motorcycle trip. The trip plan has changed four times in the last week, but may now be in its last reconfiguration. It may well change again suddenly during the ride. I expect to spend a couple nights in Flagstaff, visiting Monument Valley during the day, then ride south through the mountains on the third day to do a scout of the Sedona/Prescott area on the way home.

How much better can it get?

Well actually it did get better. I had just finished typing the above sentence when Lisa walked into the office with a semi-large box. The box was wrapped in brightly colored paper, since today is my birthday. The box contained a medium/lightweight leather riding jacket (!!!). The UNIK Premium riding jacket is shown to the left. The style is similar to the lightweight, cheap one in the photo below, but it is a much better jacket which features a zip-out lining, air vents, etc. Very nice.

Though my heavyweight jacket is perfectly adequate, there are many times when I want to use a lighter one and throw on an old jean (denim) jacket instead, though it really isn’t the perfect solution. The new jacket appears to be an excellent solution; just the right weight, fits well, etc. I had some difficulty removing the jacket for a while and wore it on the short hop to the store, though I didn’t really need it. I’ll have to give it the full field test this weekend.

There is some mystery surrounding the jacket shown below. It appears that I had it in 1982, but I have no direct memory of it, so I apparently didn’t think it was important. The only evidence of it is the photograph. When I found the photo earlier this year I showed it to Lisa who didn’t remember the jacket, either. I then said that it would be nice to have a light jacket like it now, for the many times I don’t want to wear the heavy one. (See what she’s like?…)