Mount Shasta

Mt. Shasta doesn’t so much dominate Northern California, as much as it is ever-present, since it can be seen from so many places.

After spending a couple nights and days around the Tulelake area, it was a logical choice to ride the large circle around the mountain on the way back home. The map shown here is courtesy of, and copyright by DeLorme.

Using Routes 181, 97, 89, 299, and 139, you can ride around the mountain in a 250 mile loop. The Mt. Shasta photos in this post are from various places on that 250-mile loop.

The photographs on this page were taken in August, 2012 with a Panasonic Lumix G1 Micro Four Thirds camera I had acquired two weeks before. The road trip was something of a “test” of the camera, though any excuse to get on the motorcycle for a few days will do.

When I left Tulelake I expected the good secondary roads of the area to be relatively clear of traffic.

Unfortunately, Routes 97, 89, and 299 were all under construction, and I was stopped six times for one lane sections of road, and also became stuck behind a truck (no passing) that was painting lines on the asphalt at the absolute minimum speed that my Road Star will move.

It required a lot of clutch feathering.

I began to wonder if I would burn up the clutch trying to stay with the paint truck, so I pulled off the pavement and wasted time drinking water and eating a breakfast of trail mix and apple.

Altogether I lost around three hours of travel time dealing with construction impediments.

Despite the annoying impediments of that day, the roads around the mountain make for good riding.

I rode around part of the full circle of roads when I was on my way to Washington in 2010, and found the area very pleasant when there was no construction.