Mount Palomar

The photos on this page were all made with the Panasonic Lumix G1 on April 28, 2012. I also had the (35mm) film camera in the saddlebag, but didn’t shoot a single frame with it. The maps in this post are courtesy of and copyright by MapQuest.

The obvious loop of roads for a ride around Mount Palomar is S16 from Temecula to Rte. 76 to Rte. 79. It is a good, relaxing ride on secondary roads, mostly in San Diego County.

Temecula has a number of good restaurants, particularly in the “Old Town Temecula” section, so it is a natural starting or stopping point for breakfast or lunch.

Side attractions of the big loop of roads around Mount Palomar include Route 371, which runs northeast from Aguanga through Anza toward the San Jacinto Mountains and Palm Desert, the town of Julian to the southeast, and Route S7  (San Diego 7) up onto Mount Palomar and near the Palomar Observatory.

The Twisties

The Grade Road, S7 leaves Route 76 in the northwest to wind up onto Palomar Mountain, then rejoins 76 beside Lake Henshaw to the southeast.

Tim Devantier and I found a convenient pullout beside the esses shown in the photos above. With a short walk to a shaded shoulder of a curve, we had a perfect vantage spot for catching the sport bikers carving lines through the esses.