Motorcycle Rest Area: Newcomb’s Ranch

The Angeles Crest Highway (Route 2) is an excellent motorcycle road, a route that will take you out of the jammed-together cities of Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. There is little commercial development on the road between La Canada and Wrightwood except Newcomb’s Ranch Restaurant and Bar, but it is a near-perfect stopping point for a ride.

 View from the north of the parking lot and Restaurant/Bar on 8-25-2012.

The Patio Area. When crowded, service on the patio is somewhat slow, so it is best to go into the bar to order food and drinks before returning to the patio.

I rarely eat at Newcomb’s, since my timing usually doesn’t put me there at lunchtime, but I occasionally have a beer, and always walk through the parking lot to look at the motorcycles.

 A brace of Royal Enfield 500cc “Thumpers”. These are the B5 (foreground) and Classic models (I believe). Now built in India, Royal Enfield Dealers can be found in Ventura, Hollywood Hills, San Bernardino, and several other California locations.

Triumph Truxton 900.

There are always a few interesting machines to look at on weekends and holidays, bikes I don’t often see at rest . The photos in this post were taken on 8-19-2012 with a Lumix G1 M 4/3 camera and on 8-25-2012 with a Nikon N90s loaded with Kodak Gold 100.

Ducati 998s and proud owner.

Triumph Bonneville.


Ducati and Kawasaki.

You’ll note, no doubt, the prevalence of Ducati motorcycles. There really aren’t that many Ducatis, but my grandson, a motocross racer, likes the marque so much that I tend to focus on photographing them so I can show him the images later.