Hashbrown Diaries

This page is a “redirect” to another blog site. Mike Harmon, one of the guys in my riding group, has been on a continuing search for “the perfect hashbrowns” since I met him back in 2005. He has a vast knowledge of the subject matter, acquired through years of field research.

I knew I had picked up the habit of hashbrown criticism a few years ago when I noticed that I was grading every serving of them I ate (or didn’t, if they were bad). Not only was I grading them, but I was avoiding them when I found any eating establishment that served substandard ones.

Mike’s great knowledge of the subject comes with a price, of course. He is ethically bound to spread his knowledge of the (with luck) uniformly crispy breakfast potato throughout the human race for the betterment of all.

He recently gave in to societal pressure and began publishing The Hashbrown Diaries. Take a look at his site (click on the link in the previous sentence). Who knows? His knowledge may help you avoid a disastrous hashbrown encounter…