The Living Desert

The Living Desert is a zoo in Palm Desert, California. Its stated mission is “desert conservation through preservation, education and appreciation”. In addition to plants and animals of the Colorado Desert, it contains a number of world wide species with a particular focus on those from Africa, including giraffes and meerkats. Along with flora and fauna, there is a large working model railroad display. The photos displayed here were made with several different cameras over a number of years.

Though we missed last year (2011) due to scheduling conflicts, we’ve been visiting the zoo yearly in April to see The Butterfly House (which also contained several hummingbirds). The butterfly house, like all structures was subject to decay, and is not open this year. Like much of the zoo, it was maintained by volunteer efforts and donations. I hope that it can be resurrected in the future. Like most attractions, the food in the zoo is average and rather expensive. If you take a number of children to the zoo, but are on a tight budget, you will be better off taking lunch before or after your visit to the zoo itself.

For more information on the zoo, see the Admissions, Hours & Directions page here.