I can no longer answer individual questions posed in the Comments sections of the blog posts. I simply don’t have the time. If you have a question, look through this FAQ sheet. Chances are good that I have answered it below.

Can I publicize a link to your blog to my social media group?   Yes. Please do.

What blogging software do you use?   I use WordPress software supplied to bloggers on the wordpress.com site. WordPress allows one to create a blog site using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) graphical editor or an HTML editor. The blog space is “free” (WordPress posts advertising on blogs, though the blogger doesn’t see them).

Would you be interested in trading links?   No. It is a matter of space. If I started doing that, I’d have no room for anything but links and that is not what this blog is about. I have listed links to sites I follow, such as VSL, Chicquero, and Mostly Monochrome.

I’m interested in this subject matter. Can you write more on this?   Yes, I can and I probably will at some point in time, but it is very likely that I already have written other posts on the subject. To find other posts on the same subject, use the Search field on the bottom of the blog page. Type in the word or term you want to find, then click on the Go button.

Do you use guest writers?   No, all content is written by me. The reasons that I don’t use guest writers are explained on the About page.

Would you consider guest writing for another site?  No. Well…possibly. It depends on the site. If the request was from the author of a site I know, such as Love Thy Bike, Willshegetaway, Mom Loves Photo, or Mostly Monochrome, I would certainly consider it, but like mine, those are one man or one woman blogs and they don’t need my content, so there is no reason to ask me for it.

How do I Follow your blog?   There are two ways to do that. The first is to save it to Favorites or Bookmarks in your browser, then check back periodically when you feel like it to see if there are new posts. The second way is to click on the Email Subscription link in the upper right of the blog page. Enter your email address, etc. You’ll get an email message asking you to confirm that you want to receive posts. Confirm it. New posts will be sent to your email Inbox. Most email systems don’t show the photos, but you can go to the blog page to see them.

What about the Fish?   I assume you are inquiring about Fish & Chips. It is only Fish & Chips if the fish is Cod. Accept no substitutes.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?   I have no idea why my site is listed there, or anywhere else, for that matter. I assume that one of their robot programs found my site, since I’ve been doing this for nearly three years (as of April, 2012).

Do you get a lot of spam responses? Yes. I delete them. I also delete presumptuous comments from people who  are unclear on the concept of “free content”. No one pays me to do this, and no one has to read my content if they don’t like it (I would be very surprised if everyone liked it).

“I don’t see the pictures”, “the text runs off the side of my browser”, or “your blog doesn’t display on my Android phone”. Can you fix this?   No. Those are browser compatibility problems that have existed as long as the Internet. It is the “Wild West” out there on the Web. The only possible fix that I know of is to try a different browser. I’ve elaborated on this in the A Bit of Housekeeping post.

Do you drink beer? How much? What kind?   Yes. I’m generally partial to Ambers. I just like the taste occasionally. My all-time favorite was a Canadian beer named O’Keef’s Old Vienna. I haven’t had that brew since 1971 when I was working in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. During a particularly heavy beer-drinking year, I will consume the equivalent of a 12-pack. I don’t drink much. That is a control issue, since I don’t like to be drunk. After surviving one exploding pre-1940s wood lathe, two attempted murders-by-automobile, a handful of insane or inconstant girlfriends, the Nixon Administration, and over six decades in the same body, simply waking up in the morning makes me a bit high…

Are you really that old?   Well, as I now understand it, one is only old if their body has survived 9 decades. But it is all relative. For example, when I was young and still groovy, I went to the first California Jam. While there, I had a long conversation with Thomas Jefferson just before he jumped up on stage to sit in with Earth, Wind, & Fire on the congas.