The Author

I’m a writer, motorcyclist, and photography enthusiast living in Southern California with my wife Lisa. We have three children and four grandchildren (so far).

The Photographs

My photographs range from snapshots to landscapes. They are produced with an assortment of film and digital cameras (see below). I don’t consider every photo I post to be “good”. At times, I use photos that are definitely mere snapshots to illustrate something I want to write about. My primary focus is landscape photography, which dovetails nicely with my predilection for the outdoors. I love standing out in the weather, watching the sun rise, so many of my published photos are sunrises.


All of my cameras are “old”.

Digital Point-and-Shoot: Panasonic Lumix FX 01, Canon PowerShot A400.

DSLR: Nikon D200.

Micro Four Thirds:  Panasonic Lumix G1.

Single Lens Reflex: Two Nikon N90s (also known as the F90X).

Rangefinder: Fujica Compact Deluxe.

Twin Lens Reflex: Yashica Mat 124.

35 mm Point and Shoot: Pentax IQZoom 835 Date


For scanning negatives and prints, I use an Epson Perfection v600. The V600 does a good job with prints and negatives, though I have to be quite careful when scanning negatives, due to the ever-present dust here on the edge of the Mojave Desert. The V600 was unavailable for several months and reappeared in the supply chain in March of 2012. I assume that the manufacturing delay was caused by the multiple disasters in Asia during 2011, but I haven’t investigated that (I don’t really care, since I received mine).

Guest Writers

This blog is simply an outlet for what I feel like writing at times, and I make no money from it. I pick the topics, since no one is paying me to do it. There are no commercials and no links to online stores on this blog (if you see an advertisement, it was placed on the page by WordPress.com, not me). I get paid for editing and writing documentation about various technical subjects in my day gig. Though I generally enjoy it, I don’t get to choose what I write about. It is work.

I don’t have guest writers. That is not because I don’t like other writers. Quite the opposite. I simply don’t want to be the editor, and because I’m hyper-critical about North American English, I would be putting myself in the position of publicly judging other writer’s work. There are Web sites that I regularly read for the content, though I am frequently appalled by the writing. If I had guest writers, I would be tempted to edit. It would not be a good thing. It would be work. Unpaid work.


I love comments. Please do so as often as you have the whim. If you have an opposing or alternate viewpoint, don’t restrain yourself from commenting (Shhhh… this is a secret: I occasionally write something that I know will annoy some people, because I want to see if anyone will comment.). On rare occasions, I will correct grammar or spelling in a comment.

I delete “comments” that look like they were intended to simply publish a URL to a commercial site. That is not a hard and fast rule. The rare exceptions are what appear to be real comments by people who happen to own commercial sites.


If you want to link to a post on my blog, please do so.

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