So long and thanks for all the fish

Okay, let’s try this again. Hopefully the post turns out. I was having a bit of trouble.


Ray’s (out-of-focus) bike at sunfall. NIkon D80

Hi All,

By now you may or may not heard of Ray’s passing Friday August 16th. His crossing was sudden and unexpected, much like the lightening in the electrical storms we’ve been having in Southern California this week. If you would like to read his obituary and perhaps even sign the guestbook , please visit The Press Enterprise. He will be sorely missed

First of all I want to thank you, his friends and readers, and friendly readers for keeping up with Ray’s posts. For me, his daughter, the posts were requisite readings for our weekly chats on the phone. Since we were separated by approximately 400 miles, it was nice to read about and see the latest ride he took, outing with the grand kids, or photos he had just developed and printed. He loved to share his view of the world, whether it was from the lens of a camera, the written word, or a long conversation. He always knew how to fill the space.

One thing Ray always looked for was a nice horizon shot with good clouds. Rarely was there a photo taken without “good clouds,” and generally summer in Southern California is not the time for such things. This week however, each day’s sky was filled with exceptionally good clouds. I like to think he had a part in that.


Road to the Historic Park. iPhone (sorry dad).

His Remembrance was held Friday the 22nd at the Citrus Historic State Park here in River City and it turned out to be a beautiful service.  A bagpiper played, his friends rode in on their motorcycles led by his son on his Road Star, his brother played a song, and there were some really nice things said to honor his memory. I’ve included some pictures from the event that I took with my Nikon D80 and one with my iphone (sorry dad). You may notice a couple pictures of the grand kids, and just keep in mind that taking pictures of babies is much like the corralling of cats.  

Just so you, his reader know, we will not be taking down his blog and you are welcome to stop by anytime. I know I will use it as a way to reconnect and hear his “voice” when I’m feeling a little homesick. I think he’d like that. I also want to give a short plug to analog photographers and riders of Red Indian Cheifs, he probably thought the world would be a better place if there were more of those. 

Over & Out!

Forrest Cormany, Bagpiper. NIkon D80

River City Riders, arriving. NIkon D80

River City Riders. NIkon D80

Grand kids on the bike. NIkon D80

Kids and grand kids with the bike. NIkon D80

Sunfall through the palms. NIkon D80