The Mustang Corner

Seen at Tuxies Cruise Night: These Mustangs were parked together in their own corner as if huddled together against the horde of other cars. I’m not sure what that was about. Maybe it has something do do with a herding instinct.

I don’t often photograph Mustangs, because they don’t catch my eye quite like Jaguar XKs, mid-1950s Corvettes, or Cobras do. But my lifelong friend Al Morrow has a thing for them, so I notice them sometimes when I otherwise wouldn’t. I’m aware that other people are also quite fond of them, so here are three black and white photos of Mustangs for those of you who are fixated on them…(you can thank Al when you see him)… 

Yashica Mat 124, 120 Ilford Delta 100 film.