Ossa 250

I always look forward to seeing what Fritz Harmon has in the back of his pickup truck for the monthly Tuxies Cruise Night. I rode into the parking lot on the far side of the show on Friday, August 9, and parked at the edge of the lot a couple spaces from Fritz’s truck.

He talked about the last set of photos I had published about his Husqvarna 250 WR, then showed me his “barn fresh” Ossa 250, a recent acquisition. The bike was not yet running, but appeared to be in good shape. It seemed likely that it will be running very shortly, since there were only minor things that need to be repaired, things like new spark plug wires, cleaning the carburetor, etc. Like the Bultacos, and Montessas, the Ossas were well-known Spanish-built motorcycles forty-some years ago. It is always good to see older motorcycles in riding, or in this case, near-riding condition. Every time I see one of Fritz’s bikes at the Cruise Night, it makes me wonder what he’ll be showing the next time…

I was shooting with the Yashica Mat 124, since I had quite a few rolls of 120 Ilford Delta 100 in the cooler and my stock of 35mm black and white film was somewhat low. I like what I get from the Yashica TLR at Tuxies and the show, sponsored by the Old Farts Racing Team is usually somewhat small, so a couple 12-frame rolls is enough. I packed 3 rolls that time and could have shot another, because the turnout was twice as big as usual. So many beautiful cars in one space. Toward the end of my third roll, newly arrived classics were slowly cruising the lot, their drivers in search of a parking space, and I began to feel a bit guilty for taking up a space at the edge with my Road Star.