Thinking Square

Because my riding group is going to ride to the coast this Sunday and the route includes pleasure craft harbors in both Ventura and Oxnard, California, I’ve been thinking square for several days.

Square as in 6X6, 60mm X 60mm, 120, medium format film. Square, as in some of the photos I shot with the Yashica MAT 124 that were shown in the A Yosemite Ride, The Keene CafeCanandaigua Lake, Canandaigua BoathousesLoma Linda Car Show Part 2, and Loma Linda Car Show Part 3 posts.

I haven’t shot a lot of medium format film in recent months. There was no particular reason for that, it was just the way it went. All of the recent square thinking was influenced by a couple of things.

Tim Devantier’s Mamiyaflex C2 arrived a few days ago and we spent some time poking at the camera, reading the mostly inadequate manual, and running a couple rolls of film through it.  

A couple days after Tim got the Mamiyaflex, I found out that The Darkroom @ Division 9 was closing. I had been thinking that I should get some more 120 B&W film, because I only had three rolls left. I get a bit anxious when my stock of film gets that low. I have FDA, Film Depletion Anxiety. I called Dan Kagle at The Darkroom and asked what he had in 120 film. There was a good deal on Ilford Delta 100, so I picked up 15 rolls of it.

Now there is plenty of 120 in my film cooler. Whew! What a relief!