Triumph 995i (Speed Triple)

You meet the best people at NoPork

I didn’t have anything in particular planned Saturday morning, except to pick up some #11 Exacto knife blades at the local hardware store and a can of battery terminal protector at the local auto parts place. The day before, NoPork’s owner, Brian Erman, mentioned on the phone that I hadn’t visited the shop lately, so I decided that I’d include a stop there in my itinerary. The shop is in Norco, not far from Riverside and it can be reached on major streets and a secondary road that runs beside the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area. 

I availed myself of an excellent cup of coffee from the shop’s Keurig machine and shot the breeze for a time with Brian and a customer, Mike Coggins. Mike was having some work done on his Triumph 995i. When Brian became distracted by work (damnit), I asked Mike about his Triumph and we drifted outside to look at the bike. Mike commutes 120 miles per day, 4 days per week on the bike and is very happy with the machine.

It is a good looking bike, and in Mike’s opinion, Triumph got everything right with it. That is something you don’t hear from (honest) motorcyclists often. It seems there is nearly always something that, according to motorcycle owners, could be improved on a stock bike. For example, I believe that my Road Star would be perfect if Yamaha had engineered it with a 6th gear. I often find myself reaching for another gear, 6th or overdrive, when I’m on the freeway. The Japanese don’t seem to understand how we ride on this huge continent, but it is an almost understandable oversight, given that they are located in a relatively postage stamp size country.

I had been playing around with the Nikon DSLR, 50mm lens and a SunPak R2 red filter, using the Black and White image setting. The R2 designation indicates 2 stops. I use it occasionally with black and white film. I had that camera in the saddlebag, along with the 18-105mm VR lens. Mike was getting ready to leave, so I didn’t take the time to change to the zoom lens, but made a few quick digital B&W photos with the 50mm/R2 combination.