Sandstone Fixation

Of late, I have been somewhat fixated on the sandstone outcroppings in the Cajon Pass. On Sunday morning I took a quick look at the sky, thinking about the outcroppings, and though it was too late to catch the golden light of dawn, I packed the Nikon N90s into the saddlebag and rode up into the pass anyway because the cloud formations looked interesting. Good looking cloud formations are rare in the summer here. The sky is usually a dull uniform dome for a couple months, whether blue or gray, so it is good to shoot on the few days when there is some cloud definition. 

I had a roll and a half of my usual film, Kentmere 100, and a red filter to work with. That was the last of my black and white film. Three days later, I’m still waiting for UPS to finally deliver another handful of rolls. The red filter, a Sunpak R2, would block most of the light in the red wavelengths and give the photographs a bit more black depth.

Note: There is a vertical line on the right section of the gallery view of the photos in this post. It is NOT in the photographs. It seems to be a intermittent display problem with WordPress. It doesn’t appear all of the time or even consistently. I’m hoping it is a temporary display problem.