A Younger Eye

These photographs were made by my nine year old grandson at Tuxies Cruise Night on June 14, 2013. He typically shoots a Minolta X 700 with a 50mm lens, but didn’t have it with him when I picked him up at school on the way to the Cruise Night. He wanted to use one of my Nikons, so we loaded it with film.

He held the Nikon on his lap on the drive to Tuxies. “What film did we put in here?” He asked. “Is it black and white or color?” 

“Black and white.” I said, “We can’t develop color film in the garage.”

“Oh, good. Black and white.”

During the past two days, we’ve twice gone out to the garage darkroom so he could print a handful of the negatives from that roll of film. He decided that three of them were good enough to frame, so we went on a shopping expedition to find suitable 5X7″ frames.