Digital Yosemite

Getting ready for the Yosemite ride nearly two months ago, in addition to the Yashica MAT 124 and Nikon N90s film cameras, along with many rolls of 120 and 35mm rolls of film, I packed the venerable Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01, a digital point and shoot camera. The FX01, with a design at least seven years old, has held up pretty well, given its long use and thousands of miles traveled in a saddlebag.

I always liked the photos it produced in bright, sunny locations and though it tended to saturate colors at dawn, I actually liked the way it did that. Though I packed it as a “backup” camera, I used it for snapshots. I shot twenty-some frames with it during the 3-day ride, despite heavy use of the film cameras.

Sadly, the camera is starting to show its age. The outside surface is marred and scratched in places. Normal wear, really. But the plastic of the battery chamber door is cracked clean across near the hinge. I fixed that with a piece of tape, but it does nothing to make the camera look good.