Mill Creek Ride

6-22-2013 San Bernardino Mtns 024 WP

It was misty early Saturday morning and as often happens on that day of the week, I woke with a particular riding destination in mind. I wanted to ride up Route 38 into the San Bernardino Mountains, stopping on the bank of Mill Creek. The creek, a tributary that feeds the Santa Ana River, is largely dry, easy to walk around in, and liberally paved with rounded stones and boulders.

I took one of the Nikon SLRs and a couple rolls of film, but shot mostly in the Mill Creek area, though I continued the ride over the mountain range to the Mojave Desert in the north, then looped south to return home through the Cajon Pass. It was a 164 mile round-trip. Though it was short, it was a good solo ride. Nearly all of them are, given perfect weather and no hurry to get anywhere.

I printed this photo in the darkroom a couple days ago. I was working with 5X7″ paper, so the print is small, but I have the idea that it will look good as an 8X10″.