Cars and Coffee Again

It seemed that it would be a “one tank” ride: Meet at an off-ramp in Corona, ride to Irvine for the Cars and Coffee show at 6:00 am, then return to the Inland Empire via the Ortega Highway over the coastal mountain range. It would be around 150 miles, a quick morning ride.

The car show was packed; around 300 vehicles and at least 400 people at any given moment. The cars were generally newer than the first time I went to the show a few weeks before. Mostly 1950s – 1970s. Not so many big pre-WWII touring cars.

When we rode up the approaches to the Ortega after leaving the car show we found the Highway shut down. We made a U-turn and followed the coast south to Oceanside, then turned east into the hills and north back toward home, a long detour. But it was a good ride despite the heavy cloud cover from the marine layer that blanketed Orange County. The sun finally broke through the heavy mist in northern San Diego County during the last leg of the ride, and we started shedding the layers of clothing and leather that had kept us warm through the cool, moist air of the coast.

All photos were made with a Nikon N90s on Kentmere 100 film.