Big Brother Is Watching

Stop Watching Us

It is no surprise to me* that government agencies are watching and logging our private communications and thereby violating our rights.

This is nothing new. Government surveillance of citizens has been going on forever. The frightening thing is that the technologies we currently employ in our everyday lives have an ever-increasing potential to be used against us. 

Recent revelations of government surveillance of the private communications of American citizens have caused a minor uproar. It should be a major uproar, but that hasn’t yet developed.

If you want to do something about it, use the following link to pressure Congress into action: Stop Watching Us.

Even if Congress comes through and stops the current violations of citizen’s rights to privacy, it is only a start. After all, all governments are prone to oppressing their citizens…

* In the early 1970s I attended a private social event in Rochester, New York. The event also happened to be attended by members of the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground (which I did not know until I got there). The event was primarily a discussion of upcoming public protests against the Viet Nam War, a war that became so unpopular with the American people that the government was eventually forced to stop it. For my attendance of that event, I was awarded with a tail. I was the subject of months-long surveillance, despite the fact that I had done nothing more than exercise my right to assembly and free speech.