Another Kentmere 100 Review

P1130393 WP

As far as I know Harmon Technologies, the mother company of both Kentmere and Ilford, does not know I exist and there is no particular reason that I should appear on their corporate radar.

But I think I should state again that I have no connection whatever to the company(s). I don’t get paid by them and I don’t receive any goods or services from them. I simply like Kentmere 100 film and I promote it when I can. My promotion of the film is entirely selfish. I would like to see the film gain a large number of users so Kentmere has good reason to continue manufacturing and selling it.

Derek Wong published a review of the film and example photographs on Straight, No Chaser this morning. Read the review and view the photographs in Kentmere 100 Review.

The photograph above shows the box for a 100 foot roll (for bulk loading) of Kentmere 100. I buy the film in these bulk rolls which typically give me 21 (36-frame) rolls. With shipping costs, a roll of film costs me around $2.00 US. Factory loaded film cassettes cost $2.95 each at this time (from B&H).