Along The Coast

The cloud cover of the last few mornings reminds me that it is June again, and all that implies. This time of year, our mornings are always misted, covered by a marine layer of cloud off the Pacific Ocean. It is actually a good thing, because there is a direct correlation between the marine layer, commonly called “June Gloom”, and the heat of our summers.

When the gloom lasts well into July, we have cooler summers. When it dissipates around the end of June, all bets are off, but it is most likely to be a very hot summer.

June also signals the end of desert rides, since for the most part, it is simply too hot to ride in the desert for any length of time. There is little point in riding the motorcycle when the daily temperatures push up past 100 f (  ). It makes for a very uncomfortable ride. Desert riding in the summer is only done (at least by me) when there is no good alternative.

My riding group generally shifts it’s destination to the mountains and the coast in the summer. After all, the main point of riding is to enjoy ourselves and there is little enjoyment in cooking in the open air. We usually ride the coast roads at least once during the season. We’d probably do it more often if there was an easy way to avoid riding through Los Angeles County to get to the coast, though it is usually a pleasing ride once we get there.

The photographs shown here are of the Pacific Coast. They were make at various times and with various digital cameras. A few of them were made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01, a camera that I could shoot from the saddle, since it can be operated with one hand (you will see some motion blur at the bottom of those frames).