Sometimes I think I’m likely to vomit the next time I spot an article whose headline indicates that it is yet another “Color versus Monochrome (Black and White)” or “Film versus Digital” exposition. The Film versus Digital “argument” is more prevalent nowadays, but the stupidity of it is equivalent to that of the Color versus Monochrome “argument”. Those arguments are pointless. They “don’t mean shit to a tree.” * The only people who care about these manufactured controversies (other than those who can’t think their way out of paper bags) are the writers who get paid to keep churning out crap like that for the amusement (and duping) of the general public.

The photos shown here are actually the same photo, taken at the same time with the same camera. They are both conversions from a RAW file. The color one was a straight conversion to a color JPEG, the other was converted to a JPEG file after the color was removed.

Like many people, I sometimes I prefer color and sometimes monochrome. It depends. On the subject matter, my mood at the time, and a thousand other variables. Right now, I like the monochrome version of the photograph above slightly better than the color version. That could easily change tomorrow, next week, or next year.

Each type of photography has it’s uses and sometimes they overlap. I generally like color for landscapes, but not always. I generally like monochrome for photos of people, automobiles, motorcycles, and buildings, but not always. I think it is wonderful that we have the choices of digital or analog and color or monochrome. I like to think of it in terms of carpentry: I’m going to pound some nails today, so what hammer or hammers do I want to use?  

* Quote source: Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.