Pentax IQZoom 835 Test Frames

To test the Pentax camera mentioned in the previous post, New (to me) Pentax IQZoom 835, I loaded a 24-frame roll of Ultrafine Extreme 400. The photos from that test roll shown here were made by myself and my grandson. Some of my grandson’s photographs were shown on Straight, No Chaser, in a post titled Guest Post from RR Alexander.

I’m quite happy with the results from the Pentax, which were better than I expected. It will easily fit in a jacket pocket and I think it will make a nice backup camera. In addition, it only cost me $6, so if something happens to it, it won’t be a huge economic loss. The only thing I don’t like about these test photos has nothing to do with the camera itself: I don’t like the way that the Ultrafine film seems to attract an inordinate amount of dust.