Saturday, May 25, was the first time all of my grandchildren were in the same place at the same time. I’d been looking forward to that event for several months, so I was happy when my daughter Megan and son-in-law Fabian Batista said they would travel down from Santa Cruz, California for Memorial Day weekend. Santa Cruz is a little over 400 miles from Riverside, so we hadn’t seen their daughter, our youngest granddaughter, since January when she was a few days old.

All three granddaughters are shown in various photos above. My grandson, last seen in the Jumping post, was also there but distracted by the trampoline and pool outside.

Knowing that I’d be shooting indoors and that one roll of Kodak Tri-X would likely not be enough, I picked up several rolls of Ultrafine Extreme 400 the day before. All of the photos shown here were made on that film loaded into the Nikon N90s with a Nikon 50mm lens.

I like the tonal range of the Ultrafine. It does have a bit more curl than I’m used to, but it isn’t as problematical as Tri-X. The curl is 90 degrees different than Tri-X. If the material was paper, I’d say that the Ultrafine has a short-grain curl, whereas the Tri-X has a long-grain curl, so the Ultrafine is easier to deal with when scanning. It also seems to have a positive (ion) charge and attracts dust much quicker than my preferred ASA/ISO 400 film, Ilford Delta.