Capitol Reef

DSC_1024 WP1

Capitol Reef, Utah, USA. Nikon D200 and Nikon 18mm-105mm VR Lens.

This photograph was made in 2009 during a motorcycling trip throughout California, Arizona, and Utah. Because I was camping every second night, rather than spending every night in a motel room, I left the Nikon N90s film camera and the Panasonic FX01 digital point and shoot at home. I needed every cubic inch of luggage space I could get for the sleeping bag, tent, butane camping stove, and other camping errata. That extra gear made for a heavy load on the Road Star by itself.

I still like the way that the D200 renders color, but I’ve always had a problem with dust settling on the sensor whenever I travel any distance into the deserts. The D200 had no sensor-cleaning system, so I was frequently using a blower on it. In retrospect, I would have been better off with a different DSLR that cleaned itself. That trip was no different. I returned home with a dusty sensor. I edited two sizable chunks of dust out of the photograph above.