Show and Go 2013

On Saturday morning Lisa and I headed to downtown Riverside for the annual Show and Go car show. We started the day off with the pancake breakfast served up by the local Rotary Club, then walked back through the classic cars toward Lisa’s parked car. She had to leave to attend to other appointments.

I stayed and spent a couple hours walking through the show. Several blocks of the city’s downtown area were blocked off for the show, as usual. Because so much real estate is dedicated to the show it is not overcrowded at any particular spot. 

I did something that was unusual for me of late: I carried only a digital, a Panasonic Lumix G1 M4/3 camera, and shot in color. The photos shown here are from that single session.

Other photographs from that session have already appeared on this blog. In The Corvettes I featured a handful of the Corvettes (of course) at the show. There were many Hot Rods at the show, a far larger percentage of that type of vehicle than I typically see at smaller local shows. There were enough of them to warrant featuring them in a separate post, The Hot Rods.