The Keene Cafe

4-27-2013 Keene 013 WP

So Tim Devantier and I were sitting at one of the picnic tables outside of the Keene Cafe, minding our own business and taking a break from the long ride home from our base of operations for the Yosemite ride in Madera, California, when this classic Ford pulled into the parking area in front of the cafe. We had to cut our break short, finish our Cokes, grab cameras from the saddlebags, and walk around to the front of the building to make a few photographs. There wasn’t any reasonable alternative, after all.

Tim had run out of 35mm film for his Canon SLR, so he grabbed his Canon DSLR. I had a few frames left on the roll of 120 in the Yashica Mat, so it seemed like a good time to shoot the rest of that roll.

4-27-2013 Keene 002 WP

The Keene Cafe is strategically placed in the Tehachapi Pass, which provides a relatively easy route between the Mojave Desert and Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley, a fast way to get through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The cafe is also only 3 miles down a winding single-lane road from the world-famous Tehachapi Loop, a wonder of railroad engineering.

If Keene was closer to the homes of the motorcycle riders in my group, it would likely become a required stop, like the one mentioned by Mike Harmon in his April 9, 2013 post on The Hashbrown Diaries. We would always stop there on any rides passing by, because we always stopped there.