More Twists and Turns

More Big Yellow 3The latest news from Kodak should be something of a relief for my many analog photography friends. Kodak is on the verge of emerging from Chapter 11, and though it is selling off non-core business lines, it will keep the film and chemical parts of the business. That means that my friends will still, for an unspecified time, be able to get new supplies of Tri-X film and Dektol print developer.

The news doesn’t have much of an effect on my personal supply chain, except that I will be able to acquire new Portra 220 film on the rare occasions when I want to shoot color with my Yashica Mat 124. I can live quite easily without the Tri-X. I seem to be the minority of one in that regard. The one person who doesn’t care for Tri-X. I’ll continue to shoot 35mm Kentmere 100 and Ilford Delta 400 which work quite well for me. If Dektol suddenly disappears, it will be the only Kodak chemical that I need to replace (the rest are Ilford and Arista mixes). But many analog photographers swear by Tri-X and I know that some are slowly building up their stockpiles.

I am happy about the news for another reason. If Kodak keeps producing film, regardless of how limited those film types are, it should help to keep general film prices down due to continuing competition.

Links to the story are listed below

Reuters (which mentions retention of the Film portion of the business).

CBS News (which does not mention retention of the Film portion of the business – I guess they weren’t interested in the details).