In The Wind

P1100858 WP

I’m on the road today, riding back from Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can think of me as currently riding through the San Joaquin Valley, the Sierra Nevadas at Tehachapi Pass, or across the Mojave Desert on my way home. Any of those guesses could easily have a 30% chance of being right before 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

The photograph above is similar to my current viewpoint. Similar because the front end is of a Road Star motorcycle that I had until an automobile driver attempted to kill me when I was riding it three years ago. It is also only similar because the current Road Star has a Wind Vest attached to the handlebars. I hated the handling characteristics of the stock windshield (which is why it was not attached in the photo), but the Wind Vest is smaller, looks better, the front end handling is close to that of the bike without a windshield, and it keeps me from feeling too beat up after a few hundred miles.

In any case, if I was lucky, I will have several rolls of 120 and 35mm film taken in Yosemite, which I’ll pull out of the saddlebag, develop, scan, and post during the next two or three days…