Beauty and Beauty (Beauty Driving Away)

4-20-2013 cars and coffee 049 WP

Saturday morning I had just spied this beautiful 1961 Corvette among a herd of a couple hundred classic cars, when I noticed a beautiful woman walking into the frame I was visualizing of the photograph that I would make of the car.

I quickly brought the camera up toward my eye and pressed the shutter, hoping to capture both the car and the woman in profile as she walked by it. As you can see, I was unsuccessful on two counts; there was no time to adjust focus which was soft, and the woman turned toward the car just before the shutter clicked. That was brain lag, not shutter lag.

4-20-2013 Cars and Coffee 006 WP

She saw me pulling the camera away from my eye as she turned further, opening the car door. I gave her the “thumbs up sign” and said, “Beautiful.”

She smiled and hesitated with the door half open. “Thanks.”

“What year is it?”, I asked.

“It’s a sixty-one.”

4-20-2013 Cars and Coffee 004 WP

We talked for about three minutes before she quickly got into the Corvette and drove away. I was dazzled by her beauty during the short conversation, and misplaced part of my mind temporarily, so I didn’t get the photograph I wanted.

I have to get better during random encounters like that, since they don’t happen often. She was gone quite quickly. I’m sure she had an appointment to get to. Beauty always has appointments…

4-20-2013 Cars and Coffee 002 WP