1958 Jaguar XK 150

4-12-2013 Tuxies 043 WP

I find the early Jaguar XK sports cars, the 120, 140, and 150 models, to be objects of great beauty. In my eyes they are the equivalents of classic Indian Chiefs: the 150s are equal to the 1946-50 Chiefs, though not quite as nice as the 1951 Chief Roadmaster. I reserve that position to the 120 XK. That is all very much my opinion, my estimation of their desirability. It is an indication of the two vehicles I would seek out if I was suddenly burdened by a surplus of money.

4-12-2013 Tuxies 033 WP

I’ve never had a money surplus. I’d like to try the experience for a time. Barring that experience, the best I can do is make photographs of the objects of my desire. In particular, I like the way the first photograph turned out. I think it shows the car to some advantage. As always, click on a photograph to view the larger version.

4-12-2013 Tuxies 035 WP