1955 Ford Thunderbird

4-13-2013 Magnones  004 WP

This ’55 Ford Thunderbird was featured on this site previously in a post titled, Thunderbird Reflections. I saw it both times at the Magnone’s Trattoria and Market Cars and Cappuccino show that is held on Saturday mornings.

4-13-2013 Magnones  007 WP

As you can see in these photos, the paint finish on this car is very smooth, very mirror-like.

4-13-2013 Magnones  005 WP

This time (Saturday April 13, 2013) I was able to talk to the owner for a few minutes. He recently showed the Thunderbird at a large show in Yuma, Arizona, he explained. He had put the hardtop on the car to drive to Yuma. He said he noticed that the car got a lot more attention with the hardtop on, rather than the tan cloth top. He thinks that is due to the porthole window on the hardtop, which wasn’t stock on the 1955 model. The hardtop is from a 1957 Thunderbird.

4-13-2013 Magnones  024 WP

These photographs were made with a Nikon N90s, Nikon 50mm manual lens, and Kentmere 100 film.

4-13-2013 Magnones  023 WP