1928 Essex

4-6-2013 Laws  020 WP

This beautiful 1928 Essex was on display at Law’s Show and Shine on April 6, 2013. I talked to the owner, Reggie Higuera, for twenty minutes or so. The Essex, originally painted a deep shade of blue, was repainted another shade of blue by his son a few years ago and the paint job looks very good. I would have believed him if he had told me that it was the original paint.  Because it is so difficult to find parts for the original Essex engines, let alone entire engines, Reggie replaced the powerplant with a more common 6-cylinder engine, a Ford. Also added were small LED turn signals, for safety reasons. 

As it so often does among motorcyclists, our conversation veered away from the car after a few minutes and toward our respective bikes. Reggie also rides a Yamaha Road Star, though he doesn’t get out for long rides as much anymore due to medical problems. We talked about the reliability and low amount of maintenance that the Road Star requires (relative to other marques), long rides we had made in the past, and he asked me about riding the Black Hills of South Dakota. He is thinking about making a road trip that includes riding the Black Hills, though like me, he doesn’t like large crowds and will ride the area sometime other than during the Sturgis Rally.

Nikon N90s, Nikon 50mm Lens, Kentmere 100 Film.