Joshua Tree Blooms

4-9-2013 Joshua Tree 053 WPThese photographs were made on April 9, 2013, in Joshua Tree National Park. After hearing about the unusual blooming of the majority of the Joshua Trees, Mike Harmon and I rode into* the desert and entered the park at the entrance outside of the town of Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert, the northern end of the park.

* We both live in the “Inland Empire”, which is semi-arid, and barely on the edge of the Mojave Desert.

The world seemed to be conspiring to make our ride as easy as possible, to clear our path. As I noted earlier, the ride was thrown together very quickly. But after sitting for around ten days, the temperamental battery in Mike’s Harley Davidson Sportster just happened to get charged up a couple hours before we decided to ride. When we got to the park gate, Mike flashed his Senior National Parks pass at the Ranger and she waved him through. I pulled my bike forward and started to hand her a $5 bill. 

“Don’t you have your senior pass?” She asked.

“I don’t think I qualify.” I said. “I’m only 61.”

She nodded. “You have to be 62.”

“Yeah, I’m getting close to that…”

She waved me through. “I’ll let you in on his pass.”

“Thanks.” The advantages of being in one’s seventh decade are damn few. I’ll take whatever falls my way.

4-9-2013 Joshua Tree 028 WP

These photos were made on Kodak Gold 100 film with my Nikon N90s. I like my results with that film better when I’m shooting somewhere other than the desert. Because it is the desert, the film tends to look bleached out to my eye. Just like the desert.

I believe that I would have liked the color rendition a bit better if I had used Kodak Portra 160. But that doesn’t matter, because I used the last two rolls of the Gold 100 and probably won’t get any more of it.

4-9-2013 Joshua Tree 034 WP