Cars and Cappuccino

Every Saturday morning from 8:00 am to 12:00, the Magnone Trattoria & Market in Riverside, California hosts a Cars and Cappuccino event. It is a small car show, with about 25 classic vehicles the morning I went. Though small, the show featured several Sports Cars, primarily Austin Healeys. I don’t see many sports cars at the other car shows I go to, and it was a pleasant surprise. 

3-23-2013 Cars and Cappuccino 030 WP

Also at the show was this MG A 1600, which I was happy to see, since I once owned an A, the hardtop model. I loved that car, though it wasn’t particularly good to me. It reminds me of a woman I was involved with when I was quite young. I have to admit, though, that most of the problems I had with that car were the results of mistreatment by the previous owners (which reminds me of…). 

This particular MG A was in very good shape. The condition was not the result of a restoration. I talked to the owner, Bill, who told me that the car had been bought new by a family member, and maintained lovingly by his family since 1959.

I wasn’t completely happy with this photograph, which is a bit too dark. The darkness is the result of a camera operator problem: I thought I was using area metering with the Nikon N90s, but I was really using the spot metering mode. I’m sure that won’t be the last operator problem to occur here at Casa Alexander…