3-24-2013 012 WP

I didn’t have a roll of Ilford Delta 400 in the refrigerator, which is the film I prefer when I’m shooting in dim light. But I knew that I’d be going to my granddaughter’s Birthday Party on Sunday, and that I’d be shooting inside, so I picked up a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 at The Darkroom @ Division 9 on Friday night. I didn’t have time to order more Delta from B&H before the party.

As always, click on a photograph to view the larger version.

3-24-2013 038 WP

I don’t have any flash photography equipment, primarily because I don’t care enough about it to work with it long enough to get familiar. I’m perfectly happy with, and prefer to work with existing light, which seems relatively natural, if one can call a particular variation of a chemical/mechanical process “natural”.

3-24-2013 005 WP

From my viewpoint, flash attachments just make the process unnecessarily complicated and add to the number of things that I’d have to find a place for in my saddlebag.

3-24-2013 008 WP

The photographs shown here are from the highlight of the Birthday Party, the opening of presents. The two girls are cousins.

3-24-2013 004 WP

I like the look of the Tri-X 400, but I have to say that I prefer the look of the Ilford Delta 400 slightly. When I developed the film, it dried with a lot of curl, which I didn’t find helpful when I scanned it.

3-24-2013 003 WP