Pontiac Solstice

3-16-2013 036 WP2

Yeah, I know it isn’t a Classic Car, but…

I occasionally see this model of Pontiac around the city, but I’m always in traffic and can’t whip the camera out of the saddlebag when I’m sitting at a traffic light and I see one moving through the intersection or driving down the street in the opposite direction. I like the body shape, particularly viewed from the back. It reminds me of the classic roadsters and sports cars from the Twentieth Century. I don’t find the shapes of the majority of current automobiles particularly pleasing, but the Solstice is one exception. 

3-16-2013 035 WP2

I caught this one in situ in the parking lot at Fairmount Park last weekend. I think it is fair to say that I know next to nothing about this car, but the design is so attractive that I’d like to drive one sometime…