Opening Reception: The Darkroom

On Friday night (March 15), The Darkroom @ Division 9, in Riverside, California, held an Opening Reception. I loaded the Nikon with my last roll of Kentmere 400 because I knew I would need the speed at night and there is no Ilford Delta 400 in my film refrigerator at this time. Lisa and I stopped at a local eatery, then went across the downtown area to the Division 9 Gallery.

As part of the Opening, The Darkroom had a film-only print hanging which took up all of the space on the gallery’s walls. Prints were by numerous local photographers, an LA-based street photographer, and Derek Wong, the Michigan based photographer/author of Straight, No Chaser.

3-16-2013 020 WP

Above and Below: Dan Kagle gave an impromptu talk on the film prints and the photographers who made them.

3-16-2013 019 WP

In addition to the print hanging, there was live music and a raffle for a good looking Minolta X 570 SLR and lens combo (Dan hasn’t called me about it, so I guess I didn’t win, damnit!). The Darkroom also has a good selection of film (try to find that anywhere else in the city…) and numerous film cameras for sale, in addition to offering development, print services, and darkroom rentals.

3-16-2013 018 WPThere were enough people at the reception that it was difficult for me to get clear shots of some of the prints on the walls, but that was a good thing for The Darkroom, since it was caused by the number of people who came to the event.

I did get a momentarily clear view of this print by Matthew Blais, the owner of the M56 Gallery in Riverside. Lisa worked with Matthew many years ago in the Title Insurance business.

Matthew recently relocated his gallery/photography business to a new location and is going to have a Opening Reception on April 6, 2013.