1962 Corvette

3-3-2013 Riverwalk Car Show  089 WP

This 1962 Corvette was at the Riverwalk Car Show in Riverside, California on March 2, 2013. I was shooting with a Nikon N90s and 50mm lens. It was a small show with around 30 cars. I wandered through the show and was shooting freely. I completed one roll of film’s last 24 frames and a second (bulk loaded) roll of 42 frames and was walking out of the main double-row of automobiles toward my car. The owner of the Corvette spotted my camera and asked me if I wanted him to put down the hood so I could shoot the car that way. Classic car owners like to prop the hoods open to show off the motors. 

3-3-2013 Riverwalk Car Show  091 WP

I definitely wanted to shoot the car with the hood down, so I walked to my car and loaded the camera with a 36-frame roll that was in the camera bag “just in case”. I ended up shooting 102 frames in a little over an hour, which is a lot of film for me to shoot in a single day.

3-3-2013 Riverwalk Car Show  095 WP

I like to shoot black and white a hair dark. A couple of these frames could have been improved slightly by applying +.3 exposure compensation. 

3-3-2013 Riverwalk Car Show  093 WP

3-3-2013 Riverwalk Car Show  088 WP2